General Overview

DorukNet was founded in 1993 as a first Internet Service Provider in Turkey and became one of the most reliable alternative telephony operators of Turkey.


DorukNet has focused on offering corporate access services since the beginning. It has been improving its infrastructure and training its technical personnel in line with this goal. With awareness that offering corporate access services is only the start of long-term cooperation, DorukNet offers real solutions in line with needs.


DorukNet offers corporate access services, data center services, turnkey project solutions including security solutions to its more than 1,200 customers and continues to be the market leader among Internet service providers by providing more than 370,000 corporate e-mail accounts and web and e-mail hosting services to its more than 30,000 customers.


DorukNet continues its operations as the strongest corporate Internet service provider of the region from its offices in Izmir and Antalya.


DorukNet also hosts traditional the Altın Örümcek Web Awards organization.


DorukCloud Online Backup

How to Backup?

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