Innovative Messaging Period With DorukCloud

A stronger and innovative messaging period begins with DorukCloud, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1. Owing to the ease of access and management from everywhere, which is offered by Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1, the users are able to manage their own accounts and organizations via the simplified user interface, delegate certain tasks to specialized users and thus reduce their call casts. In addition to all messaging advantages, the redundant Exchange architecture and the enhanced load balancing structure offered by DorukCloud enable continuous accessibility for the users.

Work More Efficiently With Exchange.

  • Ability to reach your e-mails without being affected from the interruptions that may be experienced due to hardware and software problems,
  • Much more economical solutions compared to keeping an exchange server within the company,
  • All your e-mails are hosted on redundant e-mail servers.
  • You can easily access your e-mail, contacts and calendar from anywhere.
  • Ability to easily organize meetings, and share with all internal and external employees.
  • Permit/Block/Quarantine options from suspicious e-mails.
  • Opportunity to comfortably focus on your work without any concerns on server management, reliability, security and performance.
  • Easy access to any e-mail you search for owing to the advanced search engine,
  • Ability to create and manage safety groups,
  • Simplified user interface, which is optimized for small screens (Netbook, iPad),
  • Calendar printing support,

A Better Mobile Experience

  • Ease of accessibility and performance obtained from all mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhone, iPad vs…)
  • The same call experience as Outlook Web App
  • Photograph support in Global Address List person card
  • Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support

Ease Of Mailbox Load Management,

  • Convenient use on all browsers,
  • Mail tips which ensure avoiding Unsent/Mistakenly forwarded messages,
  • Mail grouping which facilitates reading e-mails,

Your E-Mails’ Security Is Under Control

  • With the Enhanced Junk Mail box option, ability to control all your e-mails which are harmful and contain threats,
  • Ability to view the protected documents with OWA Web Ready Document Viewer,
  • Cloud Exchange scans all e-mails that you receive in your account for a problem-free and secure messaging by using many different Antivirus engines with Forefront Protection for Exchange Server 2010.

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DorukCloud's Strong Hosted Exchange Infrastructure

Mailbox Servers (MBX)

DorukCloud, in its Hosted Exchange infrastructure, uses Microsoft’s recently-developed Database Availability Group (DAG) technology, and retains the copies of your e-mails on different Mailbox servers, thus enables you to receive service via other Mailbox servers if a problem occurs on the original Mailbox server. So, you will not be affected from the interruptions that may occur due to hardware and software problems.

The databases that host your e-mails are located on different Mailbox servers as Active/Passive. Active databases are distributed on Mailbox servers owing to the enhanced load balancing structure and thus the impact on the performance of other databases by a busy database is eliminated. All Mailbox servers and databases are monitored via CloudMonitor, and online migration of a busy e-mail user to an empty database becomes possible.

Client Access Servers (CAS)

Owing to “CAS Array" technology which was introduced with the Exchange Server 2010, the users access to the most convenient CAS, and obtain maximum accessibility and performance via Outlook, OWA and mobile instruments. Due to the flexibility offered by CAS Array, upon an interruption on a CAS server, the client requests are automatically redirected to another accessible CAS server without requiring any modifications on Outlook or mobile devices, and the clients continue to communicate via the new CAS server.

CAS Array is a pool of several CAS servers. These CAS servers in the CAS Array are able to accept a common IP and FQDN. So, the “Open/close Outlook” problem which was experienced in the previous generation Exchange structures (Exchange 2007 and earlier) is eliminated. The clients experience an interruption only as much as a very short routing period, and they may continue working by establishing another connection when their Outlooks are open. Because CAS Array is directly in communication with Exchange DAG, each CAS server enables routing the clients to the correct Mailbox server.

Central Distribution Servers (HUB)

The entire e-mail distribution is realized via Central Distribution Servers. The rules identified by the user during the distribution are enabled. Unlike other servers, the difference of DorukCloud’s Hosted Exchange service is the ability of identifying the distribution rules specific for each user. So, the users will be enabled to identify certain distribution rules such as preventing the external forwarding of certain e-mails or carbon copying certain e-mails to other e-mail users. Security controls during delivery and reception of e-mails can also be conducted on these servers.

Certain security and undesired e-mail precautions offered by DorukCloud:

  • Connection Filtering
    • IP block list evaluation
    • IP permitted list evaluation
    • DNSBL control
  • Sender ID Filtering
  • Sender Filtering
    • Blocking according to e-mail address
    • Blocking according to the domain name
    • Blocking e-mails with blank sender
  • Recipient Filtering (allowing for only the recipients included in the address list)
  • Backscatter Filtering
  • Content Filtering
  • CloudMark Spam Filtering

Benefits Offered By DorukCloud Exchange

Control PanelYes
%99,9 percent Network Uptime RateYes
High AccessibilityYes
Advanced BackupYes
24/7 MonitoringYes
Advanced Antivirus/Antispam ProtectionYes
New and Enhanced Outlook Web AppYes
Mobile Device SupportYes

Supported Clients

Microsoft Outlook 2010Full support
Microsoft Outlook 2007Full support
Microsoft Outlook 2003POP3/IMAP support
Mozilla ThunderbirdPOP3/IMAP support
Apple iPhoneFull support
Windows MobileFull support
BlackberryPOP3/IMAP support
Google AndroidFull support

Why Should I use Cloud Exchange Instead Of Hosting A Mail Server At My Office?

In addition to high startup costs of hosting a mail server at your office, there are also other monthly expenses such as power, cooling, management and backup. With DorukCloud Exchange service, you can get rid of all these costs and pay only as much as the number of mailboxes you need, and eliminate the tedious management and backing up tasks. With the fully-redundant infrastructure of DorukCloud Exchange service and the latest version software, you can access your e-mails from anywhere with the same user interface experience and maximum accessibility.

What Is The Difference Of Cloud Exchange Compared To Conventional POP3 E-mail Accounts?

In your conventional POP3 e-mail accounts, you cannot access the e-mails you download or send via Outlook from different Outlooks, webmail or mobile devices. But with Cloud Exchange, you can access all your incoming and outgoing mails with a unique user experience from all devices. In addition to this advantage offered by Cloud Exchange, being as handy as POP3 is another plus. If you are using a mail client without MAPI support, however, you can also use Cloud Exchange service via POP3 and IMAP protocols.

What Is The Frequency Of Backing Up The E-mails In My Cloud Exchange Account?

All e-mails you delete from your Cloud Exchange account are stored on our servers for 7 days. Within 7 days you can recover an e-mail that you accidentally deleted by using your control panel. Furthermore, because the copies of your e-mails are replicated on many servers owing to the DAG structure used in Mailbox servers, you will not experience an e-mail loss or service interruption due to physical disk and hardware errors. Apart from this entire back up, DorukNet backs up all Mailbox servers with 15 minutes-synchronizations, and stores these backups on a server at a different location for 30 days.

Can I Connect To My Cloud Exchange Account Also Via Mac?

You can connect your Cloud Exchange account also via Mac with “Microsoft Office for Mac 2011”.

Can I Transfer My Existing E-mails To My Cloud Exchange Account Without Any Loss?

After saving your users’ e-mails via Outlook client as a PST file, you can import these PST files via DorukCloud control panel, and ensure adding your previous e-mails to your Cloud Exchange account without any losses.

Are The E-mails Received At My Cloud Exchange Account Scanned Against Viruses?

All e-mails received at your Cloud Exchange account are scanned by using many different Antivirus engines with Forefront Protection for Exchange Server 2010 product. If the virus is detected only in the attached file during the scan, then only the attached file is quarantined rather than the entire e-mail, and the e-mail content is provided to you.

DorukCloud Online Backup

How to Backup?

Backup File, Exchange and SQL