Eight main reasons for carrying your servers to DorukCloud architecture: 1.Reduce your infrastructure needs Thanks to DorukCloud architecture, you can now satisfy your server needs without high initial investment costs. Before DorukCloud architecture, you could only meet your new server needs after a series of expenditures on server hardware, software licenses, electricity, cooling and hosting. Now you can obtain solutions without these costs, allowing you to focus on your business. Besides all of these advantages, DorukCloud architecture provides full support for your network needs such as VLAN, NAT and NAP.

2.Meets your high workforce needs DorukCloud architecture supports both your 32-bit and 64-bit operating-system needs in the same medium. Its high IOPs performance, together with 4 vCPU and 64 GB RAM resource support per server, ensures maximum efficiency. Private CPU power and RAM, which can be provided to each server, enables even services with a heavy workload to perform at their highest.

3.Ensures High Availability DorukCloud service works with cluster architecture on N+1 physical server and network load balancing support. By proving High Availability support against planned or unplanned service interruptions with its cluster architecture founded on HP Blade, it helps you to grow your business.

4.Protects your important data with online backup DorukCloud architecture saves the current states of your operating servers with all of their processes instantly with its Snapshot support. Thus, it enables you to restore data after a probable problem by using the Snapshot feature before making any risky changes on the server. Besides the Snapshot feature, DorukCloud uses the Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2010 product for server backup. Thanks to DPM, VSS technology enables service to be activated with minimum interruption in data losses while backing up servers as they are operating.

5.Provides high security in cloud architecture
In DorukCloud architecture’s design, security is an important factor. Considering that servers within cloud are kept on a common disk and Internet access is enabled through the same network, data security is an important issue. Unlike many cloud architectures, all servers on the DorukCloud service access the Internet through totally separated networks, thanks to VLAN technology. Because of customer-specific, dedicated LUN and IOPs limits, maximum security and performance are offered.

6.Uninterrupted physical server change with Live Migration technology When a problem is found on the physical server hardware, it is carried to a problem-free physical server while your virtual server is running, thanks to Live Migration technology. This way, hardware-related failures that can be experienced on the physical server will never affect your business continuity.

7.Easy server management You can manage all of your servers from a central interface, upgrade your hardware, manage your VLAN and IPs and setup new servers from this panel.

8.Decreases management costs With the System Center products that DorukCloud architecture uses, you can minimize your management costs. SCOM monitors hardware problems on your behalf, detects any probable server problems, takes action and performs the transfer to the most appropriate physical server.

DorukCloud Infrastructure
DorukCloud prefers HP Blade architecture with modular design that is optimized to decrease required physical area and energy and back ups each hardware component in use.

It uses Microsoft Hyper-V architecture for virtualization. By operating all the virtual servers on CSV (Cluster Shared Volumes) file system unlike NTFS file system, High Availability can be obtained with the advantages Microsoft Clustering offers.

When the memory and processor limits of physical machines that the virtual machines are on are reached, they are transferred to the most appropriate physical server without any interruptions in accessibility, thanks to Live Migration technology. This transfer is performed with the Intelligent Placement feature of System Center Virtual Machine Manager under the control of System Center Operations Manager.

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